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Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 20

  • Sin

The team have decided that rescuing Pipluck is their top priority, so off they head to the Mages guild, half formed plan in tow. Will Zildin be a persuasive subsititute for the recently deceased Mudras? Will Grim manage to learn some new spells? These questions and more remain to be seen.

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 19

  • Sin

Episode 19! What will happen to our intrepid band now their master thief has been taken hostage? Who is this mysterious new Drow? Will the team ever find out what these weird vials of black liquid do? This and more in Episode 19!

The Minotaur's Head 2017 Review

  • PointsOfData

It's Christmas and the Minotaur's Head regulars go to the pub for a chat with their favourite landlord. Everyone here at Hubris Mosaic hopes you’re all having a most amazing day!

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 18

  • Sin

The team have found themselves in a new location, and with a new potential ally. What will they uncover on the streets of Parenthia? And where will Blatt start on his quest to rescue his beloved? Find out on this episode of Rolling with the Regulars.

A not completely exhaustive list of games I played in 2017

  • Sin

It's getting to the end of the year, and as usual we have the opportunity to look back and take stock. Rather than an official Hubris Mosaic 'best of the year' list, this year I've attempted to keep track of the games I've played, and write a couple of lines about each. 


So I present to you now my list of notable games I played in 2017, in no particular order, with comments.

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 17

  • Sin

After putting out the fires, the team meet a mysterious old seer and travel to new lands. What will they find? Who will they meet? And just who is this mysterious Drow with an interest in the coin that Grim found?

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 16

  • Sin

The djinn has left a fiery path of destruction in it's wake. Will our desperate party do the right thing and help the townsfolk? Find out in this episode!

December 2017 releases

  • Sin

Hello and a somewhat premature Merry Christmas to you all. Let's dive into Santa's sack and pull out some treats for December!

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 15

  • PointsOfData

Rejoin our intrepid team as they figure out whether they can put the genie back in the bottle, in this episode of 'Rolling with the Regulars'!


November 2017 Releases

  • Sin

The pumpkins are rotten and the air is frosty, your workmates are asking if it's too early for Secret Santa. November, that most annoying month, stranded between Halloween and Xmas. What gems can we wheedle out before December hits?