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April 2018 releases

  • Sin

Apparently it's April, although no-one has informed the weather which seems to think it is February still.

Oh well! Let's look at the games and film releases for the month anyway!

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 24

  • Sin

The princess is found, in fact, no there are 2 princesses? What trickery is this? With reinforcements on their way the team must make a quick decision in this episode of 'Rolling with the Regulars'.

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 23

  • Sin

The game is on! The team head to the government building to save Karn's love and fight back the Hidden Hand. Will they succeed!? The only place to find out is here!

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 22

  • Sin

Our team have saved the lost Pipluck, and head back to the inn for a well deserved rest. Time for some catching up and honesty between the team as they discuss thier next move on this episode of Rolling with the Regulars!

March 2018 releases

  • Sin

As the UK is blanketed in snow, grab your dressing gown and settle by the fire with a warm drink and check out our picks of the game and film releases for this month!

Monster Hunter World - First Impressions

  • DeathBySoup

Join DeathbySoup as he lets us know his thoughts on the latest entry in the Monster Hunter series.

"I pick up the quest as I have done many times before, a tinge of anxiety as I hit the ‘depart for quest’ button and the Wingdrake comes to take me to my destination. I arrive at the Wildspire Wastes and begin tracking my target using the joyful Glowflies - green sprites that seek out clues such as scratches in the ground. I hear the affirmative sound that means my prey has been located so I dash towards where it resides."

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 21

  • Sin

The team have infiltrated the Mages Guild, with less than stellar results. Will the return of their Dwarven teammate provide them a little more luck? Will Rohandral survive his fiery fate? Found out this and more in the latest episode of Rolling with the Regulars!

February 2018 releases

  • Sin

It's the second month of the year already?! While you might still be reeling from Christmas, that doesn't mean you can't have a peek at the upcoming releases for the month!

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 20

  • Sin

The team have decided that rescuing Pipluck is their top priority, so off they head to the Mages guild, half formed plan in tow. Will Zildin be a persuasive subsititute for the recently deceased Mudras? Will Grim manage to learn some new spells? These questions and more remain to be seen.

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 19

  • Sin

Episode 19! What will happen to our intrepid band now their master thief has been taken hostage? Who is this mysterious new Drow? Will the team ever find out what these weird vials of black liquid do? This and more in Episode 19!