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Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 12

  • Sin

Where have our hapless heroes ended up? From the fire of the lichway they must face a new challenge, intra-party squabbling! Join us for the latest episode of 'Rolling with the Regulars!'

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 11

  • Sin

A gigantic coral beast, a heated skirmish and a whistling rock? What is in store for the team as they finally discover the secret of the lichway!

September 2017 releases

  • Sin

Join us for yet another monthly release article. We have scoured our many sources and the HM hivemind has come up with this list of film and game releases we think you need to know about!

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 10

  • Sin

After a messy fight with some sinister Drow in the last episode, what else will our interpid team discover in the lichway?

The 7th Continent - First Impressions

  • Sin

One of the team recently got his hands on a copy of 'The 7th Continent' by Serious Poulp.

So we got together to explore the mysterious forests and islands of this new continent!



August 2017 releases

  • Sin

Hello and welcome to another edition of <Insert Month> Releases! This month sees our usual roundup of recommended releases in the videogame and film worlds. Read on dear patron!

Rolling with the Regulars- Episode 9!

  • Sin

Pipluck is apparently being a human statue whilst the Dwarf runs off chasing his escaping prey! Surely nothing could go wrong... right?




July 2017 Releases

  • Sin

Another month, another bunch of trailers for games and films coming out! Check out what we're interested in by looking through our top picks for July!

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 8!

  • Sin

A huge arachnid, a dangerous looking stranger and so, so many ways for our party to die! Join us on Rolling with the Regulars as we find out if they've already made a fatal mistake or are going to live to fight another day!

Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 7

  • Sin

Hello and welcome to another episode of Rolling with the Regulars!

Last time we left the party stumped by a key that wouldn't open a door. Will they use cunning or brute force to find their way around this obstacle? Place your bets now!