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December 2016 Releases

  • Sin

With the frosty weather and the darker evenings, it's definitely time to treat yourself. Check out our picks of the games and movies releasing this month.

November 2016 Releases

  • Sin

For some reason I am really feeling Christmassy already, perhaps because whilst the film releases are slowing down, game releases are ramping up, with some big names getting their latest installments out ready for the holidays. Let's see what we might be getting in our stockings this year!


October 2016 Releases

  • Sin

Join us as we run down the October releases we are interested in.

September 2016 releases

  • Sin
Want to know what to do with September, the most confusing of months? Check our releases list!

Pokemon Red-rospective

  • Sin
With the recent popularity of Pokémon Go and the upcoming release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Sin took a nostalgia trip back to Pokémon Red.

Scythe - First Impressions

  • Sin
Have you ever been playing a lovely board game about farming in Eastern Europe and thought, "This game would be much better with giant mechanical spider tanks and the option to bribe each other with gold"? Scythe has you covered.

Suicide Squad Review

  • Moonsan
Batman v Superman failed to set the box office alight, will DC and Warner Bros do any better with their follow up movie? Find out as Moon reviews Suicide Squad.

Star Trek Beyond Review

  • Moonsan
This year is a very important one for Trekkies like myself as it marks fifty years since Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the crew of the Enterprise originally took to the small screen. This film has been marketed as a celebration of those five decades ever since it was first announced. I'm glad to say that, despite all the ups and downs that the production has suffered whilst holding doggedly onto its set release date, this is indeed the best Star Trek movie since Picard and his shipmates took on the Borg in First Contact back in 1996!

August 2016 releases

  • Sin
Hide! Hide from the heat with these new games and films coming out in the fair month of August. No Man's Sky Hopefully this won't suffer any more delays and we can all pootle round a giant universe discovering exciting planets and getting shot at by space pirates. Lots of promises to keep so we've all got our fingers crossed!

Moon's Pick of San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Trailers

  • Moonsan
Moon takes us through his picks of trailers from Comic-Con 2016