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Eldritch Horror

  • TyrelUK
Set in H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, Eldritch Horror is a co-op, story driven game of characters from the 20's (a psychic, a fisherman, a politician, an actress, the list goes on...) traveling around the globe trying to stop ancient God-like beings, or Great Old Ones, from breaking through into our world and destroying it in all manner of hideous ways.

High numbers and numerous highs

  • Sin
Most of us have memories of games which we just couldn't stop playing. A memorable example for me is the push to get to the end of Shenmue II at 1:30am the night before an A level English exam. It was clear the end of the game was approaching. All the time and effort I had invested in Ryo's journey pushed me to see it through to the end, now, regardless of any real life responsibilities. The game had motivated me to keep going.