Editor's Picks of E3

  • Sin

E3 is over and we have a plethora of trailers and announcements to mull over and get excited about. We have picked a few of our top E3 reveals for your viewing pleasure!

God of War

Beardy older Kratos with a son, this time leaving Greek mythology behind to tackle Norse. Could be the shot in the arm this series needs!

The Last guardian

After many years in development we are finally getting closer to what looks like the finished article- people even managed to play this one at E3! Can Last Guardian live up to the very high expectations that have been set for it?

Dishonored 2

A return for Corvo, and now with the option to play as his daughter Emily, the former Empress. Taking back the throne they can choose to use mystical powers or go it alone in the new 'flesh and steel' mode.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Set many years after the conclusion of the first trilogy, in another galaxy, this follows new protagonist Ryder, as s/he and the crew of the Tempest are cut off from everything trying to find a new home for humanity.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo's big game of the show, this open world Zelda appears to give Link a huge amount of freedom to approach not only obstacles but also whether to skip dungeons entirely.

Gears of War 4

Marcus Fenix's son leads this cover based shooter sequel. This one is billed as a return to a more dark and mysterious monster game.

Project Scorpio

Microsoft's new console allows owners to play upgraded versions of Xbox One titles, promising to allow 4K and better performance, as well as cross platform availability on the Windows 10 store.

Tekken 7

A HM favourite, the new Tekken is out early next year and features Street Fighter regular Akuma as a special guest as well as Heihachi's wife Kazumi and a catgirl.


Ubisoft's open world extreme winter sports game. Could this take SSX's crown?

Resident Evil 7

Moving away from the more action orientated recent games, this first person take on Resident Evil looks to be a much creepier affair. A demo was announced which is already up on the PSN store.

Death Stranding

The first game from Hideo Kojima's new studio, starring a motion captured Norman Reedus (Walking Dead). Looks bizarre, as we expected.

Battlefield 1

World War 1 set version of the popular multiplayer shooter. I can't see this outselling the recent Star Wars version though!

Persona 5

A new trailer for the next iteration in the high school by day, monsters by night franchise. Looks flashy as heck.

Skyrim Special Edition

Skyrim with better graphics! Nothing else to add here.

Watch Dogs 2

The sequel to a game which somewhat let down expectation based on the original trailers. Can this one make up for it's predecessor's limitations?

PS4 Spiderman

Not much to go on here, we'll just have to cross our fingers that this captures Spidey at his best.

Yakuza 0

80's prequel to the classic Japanese ganster series. Beat up hoodlums and sing karaoke, just like a real Japanese ganster!

Bonus FFXV E3 trailer

Had to get in a reference to Final Fantasy! Here is a new dubstep flavoured trailer - way to be bang on trend, Square Enix.

What games are you most hyped about? What games did you love that we missed? Let us know your E3 thoughts in the comments!