November 2016 Releases

  • Sin

For some reason I am really feeling Christmassy already, perhaps because whilst the film releases are slowing down, game releases are ramping up, with some big names getting their latest installments out ready for the holidays. Let's see what we might be getting in our stockings this year!




Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


Lots of hype for the included remaster of Modern Warfare, but will the actual new release be worth playing too?



Dishonored 2


Stabby sneaky goings on in this sequel to the excellent Dishonored.



Final Fantasy XV


JRPG of the month! The latest Final Fantasy looks to be a buddy road trip in a more modern setting. Flashy!



Pokemon Sun and Moon


Bonus JRPG of the month! After becoming the craze of the summer, will the newest actual pokémon game live up to expectations?



BlazBlue: Central Fiction


The latest installment of the OTT anime fighter, play as robots, cat people, and busty schoolgirls.



PS4 Pro


Fancy a beefed up PS4 experience, with 4K and improved performance? Your wish is granted.







The Accountant


Batfleck is a super smart mob accountant who works to pretect himself and Anna Kendrick when things get complicated.




Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them


A new series of films in the Harry potter universe, this time following Eddie Redmayne as an expert on magical beasts trying to avoid trouble in America.






Amy Adams and Hawkeye freak out about aliens and try to translate their language before it's tooo laaaaaaate.





Kylo Ren pretends to be a bus driver and poet inbetween being an evil father killing psuedo Vader.




What are you looking forward to in November? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!