December 2016 Releases

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With the frosty weather and the darker evenings, it's definitely time to treat yourself. Check out our picks of the games and movies releasing this month.




The Last Guardian


Finally it's here, the long awaited 'Make friends with a giant bird dog' simulator. This game was first announced in 2009, and we're all hoping that taking thier time with it has given us a grand old adventure to play through.




Dead Rising 4


Tongue in cheek Zombie hacking action game gets another sequel. You should probably know if you want this by now?





Just in time for the colder months is this latest winter sports game. I can't see it living up to the high standards of SSX Tricky on the PS2 but it might get there.




Oculus Touch Controllers


Further encase yourself in a virtual world with controllers  that allow you interact more directly with VR.



Euro Truck Simulator 2


Ok, releases are a little light this month. But if you fancy driving a truck round a detailed recreation of France then this my friend is the game for you.








Monster Trucks


Lucas Till (Havok from the more recent X-men Films) finds an alien that is also an engine and puts it in his truck. What do you get? Monster Truck. No idea.





Disney's latest offering again looks to be a family take on fairy tales, this time looking at Polynesian mythology. Could be a good one to entertain the kids over the holidays!






Jason Gordon-Levitt takes takes on the role of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Interesting and potentially terrifying true story.





Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence wake up from cryo sleep early and are running about on a spaceship for some reason. Looks pretty fun.



Star Wars: Rogue One


A little known series called 'Star Wars' from the 70s gets another unexpected sequel (prequel? midquel?). If you are a fan it might fill in some backstory for the originals.




What are you looking forward to this month? Anything we missed? Give us a shout in the comments!