Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 1

  • Sin

Welcome traveller, and stay a while, while we tell you the tale of a band of misfits seeking fortune, by playing Dungeons & Dragons and putting it on the internet.

This is the first episode of an ongoing series with several regulars from our 'Geek News' podcast, 'The Minotaur's Head'.

The list of suspicious individuals taking part:

  • The DM: Beka - She who controls everything
  • Thrakk, The Miserable Pub Owning Dwarf: Moon - He just can't let go of being the bartender
  • Rohandral, The Stoic Lizardfolk Cleric of Helm: Matt W - Just don't get in between him and worshipping his deity
  • Blatt, The Amorous Spymaster Rogue: Matt M - If we can get his attention away from the ladies long enough
  • Grim, The Jittery Firebolt Flinging Gnome Wizard: Sin - Oblivious to danger, even when causing it himself.


So give it a go and see if they even manage to make it out of the pub in the first episode...



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