Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 2

  • Sin

Excuse the quick name change, but we're back with another session of RPG goodness!

The bartender has gone to bed, but the night is still young! Join the rest of the party as they seek out the after-party!

For a quick recap of the adventures in the last episode, we are proud to present an extract of the diary of our very own Lizardy Cleric, for the next episode scroll down!

Rohandral's Diary: Entry 1 

I have been travelling for many days since I encountered the group discussing their finds from the ruins in this city.

Their whispers and stories had convinced me that a temple to Helm was indeed located here and buried under years of abandonment.

My journey appears to have attracted attention as I observed a Goblin shadowing me into the city. 

I’ve had to take refuge in a local establishment, a ‘Minotaur’s Head’.

Not only was this a stroke of good fortune for a bed is well needed but one of the locals, quite inebriated as she was, has provided me with all the confirmation required that a temple is indeed within a few miles of the city.

I was sadly unable to learn more due to being interrupted by not one, but three others.

The local, whom I can only assume by his swagger, is a brigand. The bar keep, a rough looking Dwarf, with a fiery temper but clearly some sort of martial history. Finally a gnome, who I can only summarise as being of a nervous disposition with some skill in the magical arts.

Having been drawn into a discussion about seeking the temple by the open discussion in the common room I attempted to engage the services of the dwarf by goading his sense of duty as a warrior. This appears to be a sore spot, much like my neck after our brief scuffle.

I will attempt a different approach in the morning with the dwarf and see if the brigand can’t be awoken from his drunken stupor. I can imagine with the gnome being so nervous his room may be kindling by the time we awake.

I’ve set the fire to burn all night, I have been too long without one and my scales much like my shield could use a rest in preparation for this adventure.



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