Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 3

  • IzekielFel

What did the Lizard-man stand on? What further horrors might this fighting pit hold? Will the party survive their night out?!

Scroll down to listen, or for a quick recap of recent events, we present below an extract from the diary of our very own Rohandral:

Unable to sleep last night I made my way back to the common room. It appears I was not alone in my thoughts and encountered by new found colleagues, with the exception of our host, plotting a late night excursion into the city.

Not one to miss out of any news or detail that might be had on the recently uncovered ruins I decided to join the group to safeguard my one source of information.

Our newly acquired friend, the tavern girl, took us into the city on a trip to what I suspect was a seedier part of the area in an apparent attempt to either kill us through drinking or brawling. 

After a spirited if somewhat fiery drinking session we made our way out into the streets.

Again out of a sense of duty I felt compelled to follow our young mistress to prevent any harm as she wandered down a back alley with a group of locals, in hindsight I should have probably kept a closer eye on her movements.

Luckily for us the gnome and the vagabond both seem to have keen wits and noticed something was out of order. However we were soon overpowered and awoke in some kind of arena to the jeering of a raucous crowd.

Coming around slowly we appeared to be in a large circular pit with multiple gates surrounding it and a large platform in the middle containing our equipment which had been stripped from us upon our incarceration.

Blatt was the first to move and make a run for the plinth; however without noticing he passed through a field of some description and within moments our streetwise vagabond was a small ginger cat. Highly amusing as this was, it could have come at a better time.

After obtaining our equipment again our erstwhile colleague attacked some sort of giant cat. Naturally I placed myself in between the girl and the beast in order to take any retaliation.

I have not had such a fight in many years and it felt good to swing a hammer once again. Helm forgive me but the thrill of battle is too much, I swear that I hear the whisper of Heironeous in my mind.

As odd as this may sound out of nowhere a giant, lion sized tabby cat then joined into the fight. This would later transpire to be Blatt in some magically grown form using one of the many potions that Grim had acquired. 

With the beast vanquished I was amazed to witness the true power of the mage, who whilst being slightly unstable does indeed have some skill and clearly was blessed by Rul’s fire.

Smiting one of our newly arrived assailants in the form of giant snakes his fire ball carved a path of untold destruction and mayhem. I may never get the smell out of this cloak.

After a debacle with the way of the world shifting and our legs failing us I managed to acquire a circlet which allowed for my grounding along with some other curiosities of which I took a set of keys.