Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 4

  • IzekielFel

Join our adventurers once again as they finally actually start the adventure! What foul traps and challenges will they encounter in the fourth episode of Rolling with the Regulars!

For a quick recap of last episode's events we present once again an excerpt from Rohandral's diary:

We now finally met our last and most perplexing challenge of the night. Rabbits. Many, many rabbits. 

What twisted mind came up with such a test is beyond me but surely one that had sampled too many of the various spices and fungi that are on offer in this realm.

As it transpires each rabbit needed to be herded into a house of sorts and caged using the keys I had taken.

Whilst in the process of doing so and capturing a rabbit I was overcome by a sudden sense of fear and shamefully fled the field of battle only to witness a giant gnome pass me and start playing music in the middle of the field followed by the sudden and alarming appearance of a 20 foot carrot in mid-air.

This was the last I saw for some time as I entered a cave to hide, fearing for my life in an irrational manner. Here I was met by none other than my doppelganger, who clearly as terrified as myself, I embraced to assure him that we would be safe in the cave.

Feeling somewhat better about the situation I began to leave the cave and my double when suddenly and might I state totally unprovoked I was struck in the back by a dagger. Turning to face my attacker I was stunned to find the cave now empty and my other self gone from sight.

Must make a note to never turn my back even on myself.

Entering the arena once more I found my comrades fighting an army of vicious rabbits. After rejoining them and missing wildly whilst slightly too close to Blatt (I must apologise for that incident) we managed to gather enough of the rabbits in their various states and place them in the houses to end the event.

I then awoke in the bar in which we had been doing shots earlier in the evening. At this time I am unsure if the arena was a hallucination induced by the drink or if it really occurred.

In any case I believe it to be the perfect material for an old bard I know by the name of Dodgson and will send him a letter when I am next able since it could be just the thing to add some wonder to his current work.