Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 5!

  • IzekielFel

Rejoin the team as they wander the ruins and discover doors and danger in the latest episode of Rolling with the Regulars!

For a recap of last episode, we present an extract from Rohandral's Diary below, (scroll down for the podcast):

Unable to sleep at the prospect of venturing out into the wilds and exploring the ancient temple of my forebears I proceeded to the common room to procure a hearty breakfast.

However having made my way into the room I was confronted by our somewhat dubious guide and reveler Pipluck who informed me that we should be departing shortly whilst she clearly was nursing some form of hangover.

At the same time I was greeted by our somewhat skittish gnome who looked also was looking slightly worse for wear after last night's excursion.

Most surprising of all was the great war axe of our host was missing from its wall hangings. It appeared that the master dwarf would accompanying us after all and that my thoughts on him not being just a simple barkeep were well judged.

This was further confirmed as Thrakk served what could only be described as a slab of bread for our morning meal which was clearly not worthy of the gold piece provided the night before. Still, a meal is a meal.

Interestingly at this point the vagabond was missing, though judging by the commotion coming from his room overnight and indeed this morning he had not returned to his chamber alone. This was confirmed by the arrival of our roguish member who appeared to have made a swift, yet not entirely unnoticed getaway from his companion.

After our rather meager breakfast we set out leaving the relative comfort of the inn and the city.

On the road it became evident that our guide might be having some difficulty in judging just how long it would take to get to the site of the temple but also that we might not be the only interested parties.

Passing by we encountered what I can only describe as the foulest of beasts, a Mind Flayer, an Illithid. If it were not for the others I would have felt compelled to challenge the beast to single combat and suffer my fate but to chance ending it’s miserable existence and sending it back to the foul places of the world.

Eventually we arrived at our destination, the sense of power coming from the ruins was palpable and without hesitation or further thought to our safety we plunged into the darkness.

Once inside it became evident that our guide had very little idea on the layout of the site and as we walked through the darkened caverns I could sense the pull of a powerful entity drawing us further in.

Having made our way through the darkened passages we arrived at an underground river of some ferocity with only a flimsy rope bridge granting us somewhat dubious access to the treasures beyond.

Our guide was first across along with the dwarf. As they ventured across the bridge began to contort and the ravages of time appeared to have finally caught up to it, as such without hesitation for fear of losing this chance I hurled myself across the bridge… somewhat foolishly in hindsight.

Under our combined weight and my own heavy footing the bridge began to break beneath myself and Thrakk and due to the poor workmanship and slippery surface we plunged into the water after losing our grip.

Hurtling towards our our rather early and untimely demise Thrakk and myself plunged feet first into the icy underground river.