Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 6

  • IzekielFel

A gagged man, reanimated corpses, several dead goblins; what other surprises could the temple of Helm contain for our party? Rejoin the intrepid adventurers as they venture further into the temple.

For a recap of last week's episode, we present an extract from Rohandral's Diary:


One benefit of this accursed body is at least I am capable of swimming in a fierce current and managed to gather my composure in time for the landing. The dwarf however seemed to be less than prepared for the crash and whilst thrashing and scrambling for the side of sheer sides of the river managed to crush my face under foot several times.

Growing tired of his thrashing I managed to haul him and myself to the side of the river whilst we waited for rescue from our newfound comrades.

After what seemed like an eternity with the kicking and biting dwarf, a rope arrived giving us a means of escape to the relative safety of the river bank. I am fairly certain I have lost several teeth due to the wild flailings of master Thrakk… I will confirm this once I locate a mirror.

With the bridge now in tatters and its remains rapidly drifting down stream we tied off two lengths of climbing rope and slowly and carefully climbed ourselves across one by one entering into the openings of the temple.

As we proceeded further into the caverns we began to come across what could only be exquisitely wrought stone works, possibly of a Dwarven making judging by the reaction of Master Thrakk.

Opening up we eventually made our way into a dock of sorts for small boats against an underground river, the door to our right was covered in intricate workings and bone work, however as a group it was determined that we should explore the area before proceeding.

Moving further forward past the berths we proceeded into a large room of beautiful workmanship, defiled in the centre by intrinsic runes and corpses on the floor.

The party proceeded forward cautiously towards the corpses on the floor, the gnome moving to the runes to inspect them further. I myself proceeded to the right hand door after hearing some noises coming from the attached room. Chattering, like that of small animals feasting.

However suddenly from behind as the gnome investigated further the corpses one by one became animated. An unholy abomination brought back to life and began to assault my colleagues one at a time.

The noise from behind the door became louder and more discernible as the fight ensued in the main room. As such I forced my weight against the door to block it closed and stop another assault from flanking us.

With the abomination slain and the rest keeping a distance from the other corpse creatures I realised that the chattering on the other side was that of a goblin troupe. Having been followed into the city by a goblin group I believe these may have been the same who had been harassing my progress to locate this tomb.

As the others investigated the opposite room I tried to garner their attention concerning the group on the other side.

As the door began to rattle and push against me I stood fast and put my weight in behind the door to prevent the goblin group entering until everyone was set and ready.