June 2017 releases

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As the sun turns from pleasant, to glorious, and inevitably to irritating, we check out our top picks of the month's releases in games and films.




Tekken 7


Rejoin the gang in the next installment of Hubris Mosaic's unofficial 'favourite fighting game series'. Featuring more warring between the Mishima family and a surprise appearance from Street Fighter character Akuma.




The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind


The Elder Scrolls MMO finally adds the long awaited country of Morrowind. Relive a classic game but this time with MMO bits and bobs added in...




Wipeout Omega Collection

A collection of four previous Wipeout games, screams cash-in, but the Wipeoput series is pretty consistent so we're gonna let this one slide.





Nintendo's springy armed take on boxing hits the Switch, will it score a TKO?




Valkyria Revolution

Sort of sequel to the underrated Valkyria Chronicles series, this more action based RPG is influenced by the Industrial revolution, where you fight for a small country under an econmic blockade.




Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash is back, and everything is looking smoother and more sparkly. Will the gameplay hold up after all these years?






Wonder Woman

Could DC finally have a worthwhile film in thier stable? Wonder Woman shows the boys how it's done in this WWI set superhero flick.




The Mummy

Tom Cruise tries to make us forget about Brendan Fraser in a film meant to be part of Universal's 'Monster Universe'.





Based on the Daniel Clowes comic of the same name, Woody Harrelson plays the lonely, neurotic and uncomfortably honest Wilson.




Transformers: The Last Knight

Time for another dose of Bayhem as Michael Bay sends the giant car robots to England to look into the Autobot's past.




Baby Driver

Edgar Wright returns with another stylish and music infused action film. We follow a young getaway driver with a assion for music and driving as he is coerced into working for a mysterious criminal. 



 Anything we missed? What are you looking forward to in the month of June?

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