Report from the UK Board Game Expo!

  • Sin

As you may have seen, some of the Hubris Team went up to Birmingham for the 2017 UK board Game Expo!

The expo features a variety of tabletop options for fans of board games, card games, RPGs and more. There are game championships, cosplay parades, and the chance to sit down and check out a smorgasbord of games offerings, both old and new.



We all made good time and somehow managed to meet up at the entrance, a wonder since the expo seems to get larger each year. 


Shadows at Knight

After a good wander round to get our bearings we managed to grab a table and try out 'Shadows over Camelot'- a co-op game based on the Knights of the Round Table. Things were looking terrible as we were invaded and Excalibur escaped King Arthur's grasp. But with some clever use of cards we managed to prevail over darkness by claiming the Holy Grail. 



Star Power

A few other highlights from our game tryouts include the maths and Tetris combo 'Nmbr9', the dominoes inspired 'Qwirkle' and a talk through of the currently kickstarting 12 realms: Dungeonland.



Later, Matt W got to show off his skills as he talked us through a match of the 'X-Wing Miniatures Game', involving a neat looking Millenium Falcon miniature. His nerdgasm of the day seemed to be the huge model of the orbital dropship we encountered though.



Exploring the labyrinth

After lunch we split the party as some of the team tried out a mini session of Pathfinder while the rest of us were free to roam and spend. We spent our time sorting through mountains of dice, card games and RPG supplements. 

A final quick go on the 'Wild West Exodus' minis game and we were spent. All in all a great day and we're all looking forward to heading back up for next year's expo.



Competition Winner!

Whilst we were at the Expo we ran a competion over on our facebook page to win a snazzy hubris Mosaic T-shirt and a random game from the Expo. The winner was David Hughes- congratulations David!