Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 7

  • Sin

Hello and welcome to another episode of Rolling with the Regulars!

Last time we left the party stumped by a key that wouldn't open a door. Will they use cunning or brute force to find their way around this obstacle? Place your bets now!

For a quick recap of last episode, we present and exerpt from Grim's Grimoire:


Note to self: hitting things with my staff is not the way to go.

Stick to fire. Much more effective against these beasties.

The Dwarf loves smashing things, who would have guessed? Doors and goblins alike, Garl only knows how he keeps his axe sharp.

Blatt and I had a wander in the ruins. It looks like this place in is a state of disrepair. Whether that's deliberate or not I can't say. Lucky for this Gnome I found a key and a couple of rubies in a ruined statue. I shan't mention this to the cleric, this underground temple appears to have something to do with his deity.

I can hear the wind, but is it the wind or something else? Perhaps it's filtering through some rocks somewhere else in the caverns?

We found a weird message, I guess it's a clue about this place but at the moment it means nothing to me. A voice proclaimed:

  Bathe Sandlander, 

  and rest will ease your cares

  until the singer stills his songs,

  then rise to claim your wares


Apparently Pipluck found another human tied up in one of the back rooms- Andor..? Angor..? Amdor...? A guide for her brother's party she said. The others are paying him no mind- I can't blame them, he's a rather obstinate sort.

We rejoined the others in some sort of pool where the Cleric, Rohandral, had found a weapon deep underwater. Unfortunately the former owner seemed rather attached to it still, along with a weird lump of rock full of holes.

The big guy seems pretty happy with his find though.

We tried the key I found in the door on the opposite site of the wet room, Pipluck kindly gave me a carry as I fear the water was rather deep for me, but the key did not open the door. I imagine our dear bartender Thrakk will soon see to it we can get through.