Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 8!

  • Sin

Hello and welcome to another episode of Rolling with the Regulars!

A huge arachnid, a dangerous looking stranger and so, so many ways for our party to die! Join us on Rolling with the Regulars as we find out if they've already made a fatal mistake or are going to live to fight another day!

For a recap of last episode, we present an extract from Grim's Grimoire:

We discussed how best to progress, and the answer was an axe.

Rohandral seems very interested in his new weapon, and almost seemed to be whispering to it. He started swinging the mace, and it made a familiar whooshing sound, it seems the lump of coral attached to the hilt is the source of this.

Pipluck wasnot so keen on continuing to carry me after we had crossed the watery troom, so put me down, rather firmly.

We entered the newly "unlocked" room. Surgical instruments, blood, gross and stinky. Lots of books and chemical vials and some not so healthy looking corpses. 

Blatt and Rohandral went to check out the statues, I hope they are ok, I heard some smashing earlier coming from their direction. Looks like someone has moved into this temple and I expect Rohandral might be a bit angry about it...

Thrakk woke up the nearly dead human on the table, he was not in a good state. We also had another corpse attack us. What is happening here!?

I had a poke about in the shelves and found some gold and a cool looking dagger in a drawer. The Dwarf's eyes lit up when he noticed the gold but I managed to grab the dagger before he saw it.

As we were grabbing the gold we heard some footsteps. I hid behind the table and waited, and a man dressed in a robe entered angrily. Thrakk tried to sneak up on him but the brute managed to slam the door on his way.