Rolling with the Regulars- Episode 9!

  • Sin

Pipluck is apparently being a human statue whilst the Dwarf runs off chasing his escaping prey! Surely nothing could go wrong... right?

For a recap of the previous episode, we present an extract from Grim's Grimoire:

So the other two tell me they fought some giant spiders... I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad I missed that!

Thrakk got carried away and decided to swing for the weird looking guy. It looked like he was a human trying to dress up as a Drow!

He threw some vials of liquids around and fled, and the Dwarf decided to give chase. 

It looks like there was a trail of blood that led past some cells, possibly with some occupants but the Dwarf was not deterred from his chase- I'm not sure if there is some sort of dwarven blood lust involved or he has finally snapped.

It seems like the others are hot on our heels, so I gave chase, not wanting the dwarf to get in further trouble.