Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 10

  • Sin

After a messy fight with some sinister Drow in the last episode, what else will our interpid team discover in the lichway?


Welcome to another episode of 'Rolling with the Regulars'!

For a quick recap on last week's episode, we present 'Thrakk's Thoughts':

These bloody idiots have dragged me down here and gotten me into this mess, now half of them have disappeared and this silly gnome is following me around.

I tried to smash a creepy guy with my axe but he ran off- NOT ON MY WATCH!

I gave chase and he tried to evade me but walls won't get between me and my victory! 

I found him in a room with some more creepers and smashed them good! The lizard was there too but it was mostly me of course.

That damn gnome got grease everywhere again but that didn't stop me, in fact my superior grease tactics saved the day, again.

Note to self: These guys are all bloody idiots.