Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 11

  • Sin

A Gigantic coral beast, a heated skirmish and a whistling rock? What is in store for the team as they finally discover the secret of the lichway!


Welcome to another episode of 'Rolling with the Regulars'!

For a quick recap of last episode, we present, 'Blatt's Bulletin':


Well, a good wander in this weird place, a good pocketful of gold, I'm not dead, I guess it could be worse.

We found a treasure trove beneath a caged beast, and took our fill of treasures.

However in our absence the thing wandered off and it appears some of the residents didn't take too kindly to this. We joined the battle, and also found a few humans- from Pipluck's reaction I think they might be the party she was searching for.

Of course now the question is, how do we stop a rampaging coral beast?! And how do we get out of here!?