September 2017 releases

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Join us for yet another monthly release article. We have scoured our many sources and the HM hivemind has come up with this list of film and game releases we think you need to know about!





Darren Aronofsky directs this psychological horror starring Jennifer Lawrence. A mysterious couple disrupt the life of a young woman.





A creepy being terrorises a group of children in this adaptation of the Stephen King novel. Looks suitably terrifying.




Kingsman: The Golden Circle

This action spy sequel returns us to the agents of Kingsman as they join their American counterparts in a new adventure.




Patti Cake$

A New Jersey rapper sets her sights on fame and fortune in this '8 mile'-esque story of success against the odds.




American Assassin

A orphaned man seeking revenge is enlisted into a black ops team and trained to investigate a series of seemingly unrelated attacks in this action thriller.







Destiny 2

Loot! Guns! Space! More Destiny action as the sequel promises bigger and better things. 




Metroid: Samus Returns

A 3DS remake of Game Boy release Metroid 2, join Samus in an unexpected side scrolling adventure. 




Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Capcom's latest stew of classic characters duking it out promises to showcase fan favourites, but will it overcome the negative feelings about the early trailers?





Classic Disney style animation helps this indie platform game stand out from the crowd.





Divinity: Original Sin II

A new grand old-school RPG, with some interesting homebrew features in the offing that some of us at Mosaic HQ are very excited about? Count us in!





Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

A new tale in the Dishonored universe. Can you bring down the mysterious Outsider? Well the clue is sort of in the title I guess.




So as always, what are you looking forward to this month? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!