Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 12

  • Sin

Where have our hapless heroes ended up? From the fire of the lichway they must face a new challenge, intra-party squabbling! Join us for the latest episode of 'Rolling with the Regulars!'

For a recap of the last episode, we present an extract from Rohandral's Diary:

We'd lost the human and the gnome as they led the giant coral creature away from the fighting, but after a bit more exploration, we started to smell smoke.

Had the fire started after the earlier skirmish spread through the dungeon?

We headed back and met up with the rest of our group, surrounded by fire. Suddenly, a great number of the undead, previously ensconced in the walls and ceilings of the lichway, awoke from thier eternal rest! Such foulness could not be allowed to stand, but after trying to face down the horde the gnome, Grim, suggested we all hold on to him.

My ears popped and a strange sensation followed, soon to be replaced by a dry and all consuming heat. Where had we ended up?