Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 13

  • Sin

After finding some direction in the desert, the team met a mysterious man in the moonlight. What will he have to say, and will the party listen? Join us for another episode of 'Rolling with the Regulars'!


For a recap of the last episode, we present an extract from Grim's Grimoire:



We reappeared swiftly, safe from the fire and ghouls of the lichway.


I had saved us. Did anyone thank me? No.


We made slow progress through the desert, stumbling through quicksand, chased by giant worms, and confounded by mirages.


Suddenly I remembered the scrolls I had aquired in the caverns!


I deftly flew us to a cavern to spend the night, and during my watch also procured breakfast and water.


Again, the party seemed to ignore my part in our success.


The smallest party member, it seems, will have to make a bigger impact.


My mind turns to Wrendark, and whether the Drow in the dungeons had any relation to the coin I found after his disappearance.


Also I think the Dwarf may have heatstroke.