Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 14

  • Sin

The team find themselves faced with a door buried in sand, and a struggle through a corridor not wide enough for a dwarf and a lizardman. Will they make it through, and what will they find in the underground temple? 

For a recap of the last episode we present this extract form Pipluck's Postulations:


Well this is just great. I try to get some random goons in a bar to help me get some treasure as my damn brother wouldn't take me along and now what do I get? Lost in a desert with a bunch of idiots!

Not only that but now I've got this stupid tiara stuck on my head and my brother is dead.

The lizardman fell down a great big hole full of spiders and now the rest of them have all wandered off arguing. I'm left here with that creepy Venemen.

I just don't know how things could get any worse.