Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 16

  • Sin

The djinn has left a fiery path of destruction in it's wake. Will our desperate party do the right thing and help the townsfolk? Find out in this episode!


For a recap of the last episode, we present Blatt's Bulletin:

As we travelled the desert, following the trail of the djinn, we met a group of pilgims travelling in the same direction as us.

Though we were regarded with some suspicion, we joined their path. Grim discovered a rather worrying tattoo had appeared on his back.

The death of Venemen, that weird temple, and this cursed sword. Where is this path leading me? I think of home, of Parenthia, and of my Alouren. I hope she is well, but fear that she is not.


I hear shouts at the front of the troop. My hand trembles as I reach for the sword instinctively- in the distance, we see pillars of smoke.

The desert city is ablaze.