Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 18

  • Sin

The team have found themselves in a new location, and with a new potential ally. What will they uncover on the streets of Parenthia? And where will Blatt start on his quest to rescue his beloved? Find out on this episode of Rolling with the Regulars.


For a recap of last episode we present an extract from Pipluck's Postulations:

These guys, first they drag me around a desert, then we meet a weird lady and she sends us to this city?! Apparently we are meant to be heading North to fight some ice thing but everyone's got distracted. You'd never see me losing my direction like that.

Oh yeah, we met some creepy Drow guy too who was very interested in Grim for some reason. Maybe he likes Gnomes, similar to Blatt? I wasn't really paying attention because there were drinks to be had and a few lost trinkets to 're-home'.