Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 19

  • Sin

Episode 19! What will happen to our intrepid band now their master thief has been taken hostage? Who is this mysterious new Drow? Will the team ever find out what these weird vials of black liquid do? This and more in Episode 19!


For a recap of last episode we present an extract from Blatt's Bulletin:

Well, we're back in Parenthia and already the Hidden Hand are sending me threats. 

I'm impressed by their efficiency, but they don't know I have been granted this new power.

Pipluck followed me as I did some reconaissance in the government building but we were attacked by another Drow- what is their connection to this, and to my princess? 

I took off an arm but unfortunately the bastard took Pip hostage and disappeared. I need to find the others, fast.