Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 20

  • Sin

The team have decided that rescuing Pipluck is their top priority, so off they head to the Mages guild, half formed plan in tow. Will Zildin be a persuasive subsititute for the recently deceased Mudras? Will Grim manage to learn some new spells? These questions and more remain to be seen.


For a recap of last episode, we present Zildin's Communiqué:


Dearest Mummy,

I've found a strange group here, they seem to be involved in some sort of plot involving the Kal-Venn. Trouble seems to be drawn to them like a moth to a flame. 

We've not managed to figure it all out yet, Mummy, but I think sticking with them might take me down some interesting paths relating to Laveth's apparent treachery.

Unfortunately for them they've lost one of their party, a noisy girl, who they all seem quite attached to, so we're off to the Parenthia Mages guild with me as a stooge. I do love a little drama.