Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 21

  • Sin

The team have infiltrated the Mages Guild, with less than stellar results. Will the return of their Dwarven teammate provide them a little more luck? Will Rohandral survive his fiery fate? Found out this and more in the latest episode of Rolling with the Regulars!

For a recap of the last episode we present an extract from Grim's Grimoire:

It seemed like such a good plan, sneak into the Mages Guild, find Pip, maybe borrow a few magic tomes...

Zildin and Blatt headed off first, intent to meet the head of the guild and interrogate him. Rohandral and I followed later, pretending to be visiting the guild on a mission of knowledge. I hadn't counted on the interference of a nosy and persistent young student.

I thought I pulled it off, an eccentric visiting potion master! Unfortunately we soon met with the guildmaster and things went rapidly downhill from there. Poor Rohandral, I can still hear the hiss of the flames on his flesh now...