March 2018 releases

  • Sin

As the UK is blanketed in snow, grab your dressing gown and settle by the fire with a warm drink and check out our picks of the game and film releases for this month!




 Sea of Thieves

Splice the maindeck and swashle the bucklers! Join your friends in this multiplayer piratey romp.




Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

JRPG of the month! A successor to the enjoyable PS3 rpg, the games mix Studio Ghibli visuals with solid team based RPG battling.



Detective Pikachu

In a world where a Pikachu can be a hard boiled detective, solve mysteries and get yourself ready for the eventual film release with Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu.



Far Cry 5

Shoot cultists in rural America in a 'kind of maybe political commentary but we're not sure' storyline. This has all the usual Far Cry gubbins, exploration, stealth, guns, and sudden death by curious wildlife.




C64 Mini

Reach into the past and pull out a tiny Commodore 64 with a selection of classic games. Or don't. It's really your call, I am guessing this will appeal to gamers of a certain age...







Red Sparrow

Oh it's Jennifer Lawrence doing a Spy thriller. I've heard mixed things on this one but J-Law is usually solid and we can always hope this spurs Dis-Marv into making a Scar-Jo Bla-Wid film. (Sorry got carried away there)




Tomb Raider

Following on from the success of the reboot in the game franchise comes a reboot in the film franchise. Join Lara as she runs about in a tight top and tries not to get killed. Could be fun.




Pacific Rim Uprising

Giant robots hit giant monsters. What is there not to like?




Ready Player One

Ernest Cline's popular 80's nostalgia fest novel is recreated on the big screen by 80's nostalgia director Steven Spielberg. This one looks like it will turn out to be something special.




Game night

A group of friends take part in a murder mystery night in which, 'dun-dun-duuun!', the murders turn out to be real and they have to solve the mystery in real life. A promising cast raises my expectations a bit on this one.




Anything we missed? What are you looking forward to this month? Let us know in the comments!