Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 23

  • Sin

The game is on! The team head to the government building to save Karn's love and fight back the Hidden Hand. Will they succeed!? The only place to find out is here!


For a recap of last week's episode we present an extract from Rohandral's Diary:


As I peeled the armour from my skin I remembered the look on the mages face. It no longer mattered, all that mattered was the safety of our friend.

Pipluck is returned to us, somewhat worse for wear but with her usual attitude undimmed by the loss of her hand.

We talked, our plans to save Blatt's princess, his 'deal'. Can I bring myself to work with such a man, and can I let him near precious Pipluck?


No. He is my comrade in arms and I must work to save him, then cast his demons back to whatever hell they spawned from.


We have a new potential ally now too, in Dalmaria, the Elf. I only hope she knows what she is getting herself into.