Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 27

  • Sin

The team have found themselves in a village with some pretty severe issues. Can our heroes agree on a way to deal with the infection? And what is up with Blatt? Find out more on this episode of 'Rolling with the Regulars'!


For a recap of the last episode we present an extract from Grim's Grimoire:

This town is sick. Putting two and two together and getting weird drow potions I took a huge risk on the live of one of my fellow gnomes, but it appeared to have some success. I only hope we are not to late to save more people. 

Pip's 'luck' is certainly something outside my realm of experience, but although she keeps telling me she's lucky, she doesn't seem to want to give me any more details.

We'd better find the others, who knows what kind of trouble they are getting themselves into...