Rolling with the Regulars - Episode 29

  • Sin

Our intrepid team have found a place to rest for the night, and Thrakk has found a new look. But what force is stalking the streets at night, and will it spell disaster for our team? Find out what happens in the next thrilling installment of 'Rolling with the Regulars'!


For a recap of last episode, we present an extract from Pipluck's Postulations:

Well I don't know exactly what's gotten into Blatt lately.

No, I tell a lie, it's that bloody evil sword. He threatened an old woman in a shop and he's upset Grim, something about killing people in the streets!? I told him I'd take the sword off him but Rohanral's got it now. 

There was something nice about holding that sword though, made a girl feel all... tingly.

Maybe I'll ask Rohandral for another look in the morning...